Aurora Technologies, Inc.

Power Distribution



Aurora Technologies, Inc. (ATI) specializes in manufacturing a complete line of electrical insulating components for power distribution systems. We manufacture GPO-2 and GPO-3 sheet, angles and channels giving us complete control of the supply chain for these very important materials. Our products are typically used in switchgear, transformers and motor control centers.

Non-metallic materials are the ideal material for electrical applications due to their ability to withstand high voltages and temperatures without decay. In our 200,000 square foot warehouse and manufacturing facility we stock a wide range of materials and specialized machinery, allowing us to deliver your parts quickly.

Our mission has always been to serve our customers beyond their expectations. Our knowledgeable staff is familiar with equipment designs and devoted to helping you with the material selection process.

Common Material:

GPO-1 • GPO-2 • GPO-3 • SG-200 • FRPP • FR-700 • Valox • Nomex


ATI 2011 Flyer

Power Distribution

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