Aurora Technologies, Inc.

Committed to Green



Aurora Technologies, Inc. (ATI) knows how rare our Earth is and how important it is to do our part to preserve it.

As the demand for plastic components over metal components continues to grow, so does the amount of plastic sitting in landfills. The biodegradation process of plastic is very slow and can take years before it completely degrades.

All of our manufacturing facilities have an intensive recycling program which is monitored very closely. All of our scrap material is able to be re-cut for use on smaller jobs. Any unusable scrap or rejected parts are separated by type and sent out for recycling.

Our office is also committed to doing their part to help. All of our paper products, ink cartridges and toners are also sent out to be recycled. For this process we have partnered with a local school. Our partnership provides them with the chance to earn extra revenue and help the students, our next generation, learn the importance of recycling.

Our procurement department utilizes reprocessed materials where applications allow. This would include materials such as UHMW, Teflon and ABS sheets, rods and tubing. Thus keeping the environment green and reducing cost to the end user.

With the constant upgrading of industrial science our IT Department has also partnered with a local company to recycle all obsolete computers, cell phones, printers, scanners and other electronics. This keeps our company up-to-date with technology without filling landfills with old equipment.

By actively recycling, ATI is continuously working to help reduce pollution, save energy and create new jobs.

Click here to download the ATI Environmental Policy PDF file or scroll down to view it on this page.


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