Aurora Technologies, Inc.

Quality Assurance


Aurora Technologies, Inc. is committed to continual improvement in all areas of the organization with customer satisfaction as the company’s main priority: we want to be our customer’s preferred supplier. Utilizing state of the art technology such as 3D model based CMMs or even standard gages our quality team is committed to ensuring fabrication to your exacting specifications. But quality does not just weigh on the shoulders of our quality team, every employee of Aurora Technologies, Inc. is charged with the responsibility to produce quality products that achieve the company’s objectives for customer requirements, on-time delivery, and maintaining a safe work environment.

You can be confident that Aurora Technologies, Inc. is committed to producing quality custom fabricated and machined parts no matter which one of our locations may supply to you. Our commitment is evident in a well established quality management system that has been registered to ISO:9001 since spring of 2003. In addition Aurora Technologies, Inc. is part of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Recognized Component Supplier Program for Fabricated Parts, thus ensuring our customers of raw material traceability.

Quality Assurance Manager:

Dan Kruse
Phone: 636-257-8913
Cell: 314-306-8513