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ATI Live Support is a utility for anyone that needs instant “live” support from an ATI support technician. When you run this tool and select someone to assist you, a request is sent to that person. If the request is accepted, the assistant will be connected to your desktop remotely so they can help you. This tool is “hassle free”, requiring no manual setup and no installation which makes it extremely easy for anyone to use.


Downloads (All EXE’s were updated on 3/25/2015)

ATI Live Support (All Locations) – This EXE includes all possible connections (local and remote). Remote items can only be double clicked by someone outside of the main building. Local items can only be double clicked by someone inside the main building.

ATI Live Support (Remote Only) – This EXE is only for outside internet connections (Home computers, ATI South, ATI Mexico, Outside Sales, Polyply, etc.).

ATI Live Support (Local Only) – This EXE is for local connections only, meaning that it only works on computers that are physically located inside the main building at ATI and ATI Page.

Polyply Composites Live Support – This EXE is primarily for internal use and support for Polyply Composites.

Old Versions: Archives.



March 25, 2015

•  March 2015: Added User Account Control (UAC) manifest to EXE’s for proper elevation if UAC is enabled.
•  February 2015 fix: capture engine took too long initiate, sometimes requiring more then a minute to start.
•  July 2014 fix: capture engine fix, on some systems live support was extremely slow.

June 26, 2013

•  Added Eric Pruitt
•  Misc changes

June 4, 2013

•  Upgraded remote engine to SC June 2013

May 20, 2013

•  Upgraded remote engine to SC May 2013
•  New video capture engine

October 31, 2012

•  Added Dan Kruse to the Polyply support tool

March 28, 2012

•  Added Dina Lucas and Alicia Powell to the Polyply support tool

March 15, 2012

•  Added “Scott Klukos (Home)” to the Polyply support tool (note: this EXE is not final and the address will change at least once more)
•  Fixed host “Darren Winter (Work)” in the Polyply support tool
•  Added “Host Names & Addresses” links on this page (below) so everyone can see the names & addresses currently used in each EXE

January 16, 2012

•  Added a new version with all remote and local locations
•  Added a completely new tool for Polyply Composites
•  Windows 7/Vista Aero support
•  Wallpaper support
•  File transfer support
•  Updated/current helper information and DNS host names
•  Less latency (lag) problems.
•  ATI logo updated

February 20, 2010

•  Now includes the ATI logo
•  Support for remote systems using Windows Vista and Windows 7
•  Support for Aero Glass themes
•  Support for User Account Control (UAC)
•  Fewer disconnections and/or connection problems
•  Quicker interaction with remote computer


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