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Compression Molding

Compression molding is a high-volume, high-pressure method suitable for molding complex, high-strength fiberglass reinforcements. Advanced composite thermoplastics can also be compression molded with unidirectional tapes, woven fabrics, randomly oriented fiber mat, or chopped strand.

Aurora Technologies, Inc. produces parts made by compression molding fiberglass reinforced polyester materials. These thermoset materials contain a catalyst that initiates curing under high heat and pressure.

SMC and BMC parts are produced for a variety of industries. Currently we are manufacturing parts that include laundry tubs, shower basins, structural frames, and a large number of electrical insulating parts.

Because our materials have good dielectric strength and high heat distortion temperatures, they are used in a number of electrical applications. Our resin systems can also be tailored to meet a large number of corrosion applications.

ATI Inc. Compression Molding of Custom Parts

Aurora Technologies, Inc. Compression Molding Products

Technical Information

Polyply Composites has 16 compression molding presses equipped to provide steam or electric heat for processing fiberglass reinforced thermoset materials. All presses have hydraulic and mechanical knockout capabilities.

 Press Information Bed Size Open Height Stroke
Press 1 150 Ton Dake 48 x 72 58 54
Press 2 150 Ton Dake 48 x 72 58 54
Press 3 75 Ton Dake 36 x 50 48 47
Press 4 500 Ton Wood 80 x 116 82 60
Press 5 150 Ton Dake 40 x 130 40 37
Press 6 860 Ton Erie 68 x 86 64 54
Press 7 250 Ton Erie 37 x 54 71 59
Press 8 150 Ton Erie 37 x 56 81 63
Press 9 300 Ton Leopold 18 x 168 20 20
Press 10 600 Ton Dake 60 x 115 84 48
Press 11 462 Ton Erie 50 x 124 34 24
Press 12 400 Ton Dake 76 x 101 58 50
Press 13 1000 Ton W&W 48 x 72 48 48
Press 14 750 Ton Lawton 60 x 86 84 72
Press 15 850 Ton W&W 60 x 80 66 36
Press 16 1000 Ton Erie 72 x 108 99 84

Polyply Composites, LLC. has secondary machining equipment to provide sheets, channels, and angles cut or sheared to customer specifications. We also have a full electrical and mechanical testing laboratory which is integrated into our quality control program and can also provide special customer testing.

Our manufacturing capabilities are fully integrated, beginning with bulk delivery of raw materials for production of SMC’s, BMC’s and Wet molding mixes. Molding materials used at Polyply Composites are engineered and formulated by our staff to meet specific requirements and needs. We also offer our molding compounds to other molders.

Ashcraft 24″ SMC Machine 100 gallon Baker Perkins BMC mixer

250 gallon Baker Perkins BMC Mixer

14 gallon sample BMC Mixer

Three 25 HP Cowles high Shear blenders

1.5 HP Cowles dissolver

Pultrusion Technology 2408 Pultrusion Machine

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Category Name Link to File
Plastics – Component including CR-900, SM530, BM520 QMFZ2.E31703

SM530 Yellow Card

Plastics Certified for Canada – Component QMFZ8.E31703
Polymeric Materials – Filament-wound Tubing, Industrial Laminates, Vulcanized
Fiber, and Materials for Use in Fabricating Recognized Printed Wiring Boards – Component

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